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Dr. Peter Thejll
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Dr. Peter Thejll received his Ph.D. in astrophysics in 1989 under the supervision of Prof. H. L. Shipman. His thesis research was focused on white dwarfs. He was a Carlsberg Fellow at the Niels Bohr Institute and worked at the Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics. Dr. Thejll currently is a senior scientist at the Danish Meteorological Institute in Copenhagen. He is currently involved in the creation of a global automatic system to observe the Earth's reflectivity - albedo - using observations of the earthshine on the Moon. Dr. Thejll research in solar variation helped provide conclusive evidence of the greenhouse effect on the Earth's climate in the late 20th century. In particular, his landmark study with Knud Lassen on Northern Hemisphere land air temperature showed that the rise of 0.4 degrees Celsius since 1980 could not be accounted for by the solar cycle. Climatologists have pointed to this finding as an "actual piece of evidence for greenhouse warming."