John Bieber

Professor Emeritus
207 Sharp Lab
(302) 831-2240

Research Projects

  • Spaceship Earth Neutron Monitors
  • Space Weather Prediction with Cosmic Rays
  • Solar Energetic Particles

Notable Publications

  • "Cosmic Rays and Earth", Edited by J.W. Bieber, E. Eroshenko, P. Evenson, E.O. Fl├╝ckiger, and Reinald Kallenbach, Space Sciences Series of ISSI, Volume 10, 2000. Reprinted from Space Sci. Rev., Volume 93:1-2, 2000.
  • T. Kuwabara, J. W. Bieber, J. Clem, P. Evenson, R. Pyle, K. Munakata, S. Yasue, C. Kato, S. Akahane, M. Koyama, Z. Fujii, M. L. Duldig, J. E. Humble, M. R. Silva, N. B. Trivedi, W. D. Gonzalez, and N. J. Schuch, "Real-time cosmic ray monitoring system for space weather", Space Weather 4, S08001 (2006).