Chung Ngoc Leung


Research Projects

  • Neutrino Physics
  • Cosmology
  • Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory
  • LHC Physics

Notable Publications

  • C. N. Leung and S. Y. Wang, "Gauge independent approach to chiral symmetry breaking in a strong magnetic field," Nucl. Phys. B 747, 266 (2006).
  • Y. Y. Charng, D. S. Lee, C. N. Leung, and K. W. Ng, "Nonequilibrium effects and baryogenesis," Phys. Rev. D 72, 123517 (2005).
  • A. Halprin and C. N. Leung, "Neutrino oscillations from string theory," Phys. Lett. B 416, 361 (1998).
  • S. L. Glashow, A. Halprin, P. I. Krastev, C. N. Leung, and J. Pantaleone, "Remarks on neutrino tests of special relativity," Phys. Rev. D 56, 2433 (1997).
  • K. S. Babu, C. N. Leung, and J. Pantaleone, "Renormalization of the neutrino mass operator," Phys. Lett. B 319, 191 (1993).