Qaisar Shafi

Bartol Professor
252 Sharp Lab
(302) 831-6876

Research Projects

  • Higgs Boson and New Physics at LHC (Large Hadron Collider)
  • Supersymmetry in the LHC Era
  • Inflationary Models and Precision Cosmology
  • Dark Matter and Dark Energy
  • Origin of Matter in the Universe

Notable Publications

  • M. Ur Rehman, Q. Shafi, and J. R. Wickman, "Observable gravity waves from supersymmetric hybrid inflation II", arXiv:1012.0309.
  • I. Gogoladze, B. He, and Q. Shafi, "New fermions at the LHC and mass of the Higgs boson", arXiv:1004.4217.
  • S. J. Huber, C.-A. Lee, Q. Shafi, "Kaluza-Klein excitations of W and Z at the LHC?", Phys. Lett. B 531, 112 (2002).
  • G. Dvali, Q. Shafi, and S. Solganik, "D-brane inflation", hep-th/0105203.
  • S. J. Huber and Q. Shafi, "Fermion masses, mixings and proton decay in a Randall-Sundrum model", hep-ph/0010195.
  • G. Dvali, Q. Shafi, and R. Schaefer, "Large scale structure and supersymmetric inflation without fine tuning", Phys. Rev. Lett. 73, 1886 (1994).
  • B. Ananthanarayan, G. Lazarides, and Q. Shafi, "Top-quark-mass prediction from supersymmetric grand unified theories", Phys. Rev. D 44, 1613 (1991)
  • G. Lazarides and Q. Shafi, "Origin of matter in the inflationary cosmology", Phys. Lett. B 258, 305 (1991).
  • G. Lazarides, C. Panagiotakopoulos, and Q. Shafi, "Phenomenology and cosmology with superstrings", Phys. Rev. Lett. 56, 432 (1986).
  • G. Lazarides, Q. Shafi, and C. Wetterich, "Proton lifetime and fermion masses in an SO(10) model", Nucl. Phys. B 181, 287 (1981).