Stuart Pittel

Professor Emeritus
(302) 831-2661

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Research Projects

  • Density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) and the nuclear shell model
  • Pairing in strongly correlated quantum systems
  • Collective properties of atomic nuclei
  • The interface between nuclear physics and related fields

Notable Publications

  • B. Thakur, S. Pittel, and N. Sandulescu, "Density matrix renormalization group study of 48Cr and 56Ni," Phys. Rev. C 78, 041303 (2008).
  • G. G. Dussel, S. Pittel, J. Dukelsky, and P. Sarriguren, "Cooper pairs in atomic nuclei," Phys. Rev. C 76, 011302(R) (2007).
  • J. Dukelsky, S. Pittel, and G. Sierra, "Exactly solvable Richardson-Gaudin models for many-body quantum systems," Rev. Mod. Phys. 76, 643 (2004).
  • J. Dukelsky, and S. Pittel, "The density matrix renormalization group for finite fermi systems," Rep. Prog. Phys. 67, 513 (2004).
  • M. V. Stoitsov, J. Dobaczewski, W. Nazarewicz, S. Pittel, and D. J. Dean, "Systematic study of deformed nuclei at the drip lines and beyond," Phys. Rev. C 68, 054312 (2003).
  • P. Federman, and S. Pittel, "Unifed shell model description of nuclear deformation," Phys. Rev. C 20, 820 (1979).