Physics Administration

Office of the Chair:

  • Prof. Edmund R. Nowak, Chair
  • Prof. Norbert Mulders, Associate Chair
  • Patricia Welch, Business Administrator
  • Andrea Hartman, Administrative Assistant

Academic Programs:

  • Prof. James MacDonald, Graduate Program Director
  • Prof. Norbert Mulders, Undergraduate Program Director
  • David Johnson, Lab Coordinator
  • Maura Perkins, Acadmic Support Coordinator, Graduate Program

Front Desk:

  • Debra Morris, Administrative Assistant
  • Helen Long, Administrative Assistant


  • Trudy Marshall, Senior Accountant
  • Kim Correll-Comeau, Administrative Assistant
  • Joanne Burchard, Administrative Assistant

Computing Services:

  • Zelphia Johnson, CITA II
  • Daniel DeMarco, Manager, Department Computer Operations


  • Thomas Reed, Master Machinist
  • James Roth, Electronics/Instruments Specialist
  • Rob Schmidt, Electronics Engineer

Physics Library:

  • Susan Borst, Library Assistant