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$18 Million for UD center to advance materials research will involve four DPA condensed matter physics groups

One of the two Interdisciplinary Research Groups (IRG) within MRSEC will be focused on hybrid quantum materials with emergent Terahertz (THz) functionalities with involvement of DPA experimental condensed matter groups of Prof. Jungfleisch, Prof. Xiao and Prof. Gundlach and theoretical condensed matter group of Prof. Nikolic. Other faculty in this IRG are Prof. Doty, Prof. Zide and Prof. Law from Materials Science and Engineering, as well as Dr. Bryant from NIST. This IRG will create hybrid quantum materials that control THz functionality, to enable unprecedented control over THz radiation and THz integrated circuits/devices. The team will manipulate interfaces and interactions between constituents to create hybrid materials, including spintronic heterostructure as one of the central topics of DPA research, to seamlessly convert between THz excitations of each constituent. The ‘THz gap’ has a frequency range from ∼0.3 THz to ∼10 THz in the electromagnetic spectrum which is between microwave and infrared. The THz radiation is invisible to naked eye and in comparison with, e.g., X-ray it is non-destructive and non-invasive. It has numerous applications ranging from detecting defects in tablet coating, product inspection (industry), spectroscopy (chemistry, astronomy), material characterization (physics), weapons concealed under clothing (airports), detection of cancer and caries. In the pharmaceutical industries it enables nondestructive, internal, chemical analysis of tablets, capsules and other dosage forms. 

The IRG is expected to fund  8 graduate and 8 undergraduate students, and several postdoctoral fellows.The major  educational and outreach thrust of UD MRSEC will be to improve the diversity landscape at all levels of the academic and research enterprise. Key initiatives include providing exciting research and education opportunities in materials science and physics for students from underrepresented groups, in partnership with Delaware State University in Dover, Delaware, and Claflin University in Orangeburg, South Carolina, two historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs).

Other faculty in this IRG are Prof. Doty, Prof. Zide" to Other faculty in this IRG include Prof. Doty, Prof. Janotti, Prof. Zide