Tuesday, May 9 2017

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A Weyl semimetal is a new topological phase of matter that extends the topological classification beyond insulators, exhibits quantum anomalies, possess exotic surface Fermi arc electron states and provides the first ever realization of Weyl fermions in physics. In a Weyl semimetal, the chirality of the Weyl nodes give rise to topological charges, which can be understood as monopoles and anti-monopoles of Berry flux in momentum space. They are separated in momentum space and are connected only through the crystal boundary by an unusual topological surface state, a Fermi arc.

Dr. Michael D. Joner is a research professor of Physics and Astronomy at Brigham Young University. He is an observational specialist with hundreds of nights of experience at various observatories. Dr. Joner has observed around the world at major facilities that include the South African Astronomical Observatory, Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory, and the Gemini North Observatory. Among his numerous research experiences was the opportunity to fly a mission on the now retired NASA Kuiper Airborne Observatory in order to study the infrared sky.