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Caitriona Jackman, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies

In this talk I will introduce magnetospheres and Space Weather, then focus primarily on reviewing in situ and remote sensing of Space Weather at Jupiter and Saturn. I will include discussion of measurements of the solar wind and interplanetary magnetic field by spacecraft such as Cassini, explaining how we use magnetic field, plasma and energetic particle data to characterise the environment upstream of the gas giant planets. These in situ measurements are complemented by remote sensing measurements, including of UV auroral emissions, planetary X-rays, and radio emissions which can act as remote proxies for solar wind influence.

Bio: Dr. Caitriona Jackman leads a research group on Planetary Magnetospheres at the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. She has worked with data from missions including NASA’s Cassini at Saturn, ESA’s Cluster mission in orbit around Earth, NASA’s Juno at Jupiter, and with data from the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Chandra X-ray Observatory. Her research interests include understanding how the aurora works, and how machine learning and complexity science can be used to study huge volumes of data from space.