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Dr. Newton Nath, University of Mexico (UNAM), Mexico
Neutrino non-standard interactions (NSIs), possible sub-leading effects originating from new physics beyond the Standard Model may affect the propagation of neutrinos and eventually contribute to the measurements of neutrino oscillation parameters. In this talk, we shall discuss how NSIs will affect the determination of neutrino mass hierarchy and the Dirac CP phase. Considering the light (e.g., U(1)^\prime ) and heavy (e.g., \nu2HDM) mediator models, we shall discuss here how one can find a few sizable NSI parameters in these models. Finally, the importance of these NSI parameters for the neutrino oscillations (e.g., DUNE, IceCube), as well as neutrino scattering experiments (e.g., COHERENT, CONUS), will be discussed.