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Zhang Kuang, Aalto University, Finland
Uniaxial anisotropic impurity immersed in liquid Helium 3 strongly influences the scattering properties of quasiparticles as well as the symmetry breaking scheme. When the temperature of the system continuously decreased, the symmetry of normal phase Helium-3 is broken sequentially into polar phase and polar-distorted B-phase. The Kibble-Lazarides-Shafi(KLS) domain wall attached on a cosmic string-like defect was observed in this process. By using the relative homotopy group, we find the KLS wall-strings in Helium-3 form a network. This network was observed in the Nuclear Magnetic Resonance spectrum. Relative homotopy groups also show that there are other kinds of composite objects such as string terminated by monopoles and nexus objects in liquid Helium 3.