An Emergent Approach to Quantum Dynamics

Over the last decade or so, interest in the dynamics of interacting quantum systems has grown tremendously, mostly due to breakthroughs in experiments using ultracold atoms, and new theoretical tools. New phenomena like the dynamical localization of interacting particles, dynamical fermionization, and nonergodic behavior have been predicted and observed recently.
As physicists, we are always looking for new ways to think about and understand these phenomena. In this talk, I will present some of our recent work where we show how we can understand certain dynamical problems in one dimensional systems using an emergent description in terms of a static system. This emergent description makes it clear why certain properties (long-range correlations, e.g.) appear as they do, and allows us a new interpretation of the physics.

25 Sep 2017
215 Sharp Lab
Deepak Iyer, Ph.D. Bucknell University