Magnetic vortices and droplet solitons: studies at room and low temperatures

Localized magnetic configurations such as magnetic vortices and magnetic droplet solitons are great subjects for applications and fundamental understanding of spin dynamics since they can be controlled with external fields, electrical currents, and microwave excitations. Magnetic vortices are the ground state of certain micropatterned structures, whereas magnetic droplet solitons are created in an extended magnetic thin film by local excitation of spin waves. However, damping works against the formation of stable magnetic droplet solitons, and their stability is more challenging. Nevertheless, damping can be compensated thanks to the spin-torque effect. This kind of solitons could be used as oscillators, or as the key elements for neuromorphic computing. In this seminar we will talk about magnetic vortices confined in patterned ferromagnets and we will see mechanisms to control them, how to make them interact, and the changes that may occur at lower temperatures. Furthermore, we will review our work with magnetic droplet solitons: our observation of low-frequency dynamics linked to instability and the stability conditions of the droplet soliton at varying temperatures.

17 Apr 2018
215 Sharp Lab
Dr. Sergi Lendinez, Argonne National Laboratory