Suspended Graphene Under Strain


The Flexibility and structural strength in 2D materials make them ideal systems for studying “straintronics”.  In graphene, strain effectively induces a gauge field which affects the transport of Dirac electrons.  Here I will discuss our recent work on transport study of graphene in nanoelectromechanical devices.  Suspended graphene field effect transistors were fabricated on top of flexible substrates, allowing independent tuning of tensile strain while maintain ultra-high device quality.  Through mechanical resonance measurements, we show resonance frequency and non-linear dynamics may be used to accurately determine the strain in graphene.  And in charge transport measurements we show that the energy dependence of the strain-induced resistivity agrees with the theoretical prediction on random strain-induced gauge field scattering of Dirac electrons.  The impact of strain of coherence transport and quantum Hall effect will also be discussed.

14 Nov 2017
Room 215
Dr. Xu Du, Stony Brook State University of New York