All the cool things about mirror fermions: From seesaw at the LHC with non-sterile electroweak-scale right-handed neutrinos to to axionless strong CP and all the way to structure of space-time at the Planck scale.


The electroweak-scale non-sterile right-handed neutrino model was first constructed with the aim to realize the seesaw mechanism at the electroweak scale which can be experimentally tested. A rich phenomenology is being contemplated for inclusion in experimental BSM searches at the LHC. It turns out that surprisingly the structure of the model contains crucial elements that allow for a new solution to the strong CP problem without the need for an axion. That same structure leads to an interesting speculation as to the nature of space and time at the Planck scale.

28 Nov 2017
Room 215
P.Q. Hung, University of Virginia