Seminars are held throughout the week. Unlike weekly Colloquium aimed at general audience, they are intended to provide a setting for more technical communication between scientists in specialized research areas. Upcoming Seminars in all fields of research at DPA are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
Tensile-strained self-assembly of quantum dots for entangled photon sources and band structure engineering 16 Oct 2018 2:00pm Paul Simmonds, Boise State University Stephanie Law, Material Science
“Explosions, Eruptions and Winds: How Massive Stars Shed Mass” 16 Oct 2018 4:00pm Dr. Stan Owocki, University of Delaware Gizis
Gravitational Probes of Dark Matter Particle Physics 18 Oct 2018 2:00pm Dr. Matthew R. Buckley, Rutgers University Shafi
Make your code famous! (Or at least discoverable) 23 Oct 2018 4:00pm Dr. Alice Allen, University of Maryland Gizis
Connie H. Li 23 Oct 2018 2:00pm Connie H. Li, Naval Research Lab Nikolic
Has MiniBooNE Observed the Mechanism of Neutrino Mass Generation? 25 Oct 2018 2:00pm Dr. Pedro A.N. Machado, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) Shafi
Studying the Interior of the Sun with Sound Waves 30 Oct 2018 4:00pm Dr. Alexander Kosovichev, New Jersey Institute of Technology Mullan
Superfluids and the Cosmological Constant Problem 1 Nov 2018 2:00pm Dr. Adam R. Solomon, Carnegie Mellon University Shafi
Spin Current Driven by Thermal Nonequilibrium 6 Nov 2018 2:00pm Xiaoqin (Elaine) Li, University of Texas at Austin Jungfleisch
The High-Energy Environment around M dwarfs with Exoplanets 13 Nov 2018 4:00pm Dr. Allison Youngblood, Goddard Space Flight Center Gizis
Status of the search for Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires 13 Nov 2018 2:00pm Sergey Frolov Nikolic
Luqiao Liu 20 Nov 2018 2:00pm Dr. Luqiao Liu, MIT Xiao
Swati Singh 4 Dec 2018 2:00pm Dr. Swati Singh, University of Delaware Jungfleisch
100 Earths Consortium 4 Dec 2018 4:00pm Dr. Sally Dodson-Robinson, University of Delaware Gizis
From Instrumentation to Characterization: Understanding Brown Dwarfs and Exoplanets 12 Feb 2019 4:00pm Sarah Logsdon, NASA Goddard Gizis
Imaging and Surveying Spotted Stars 26 Feb 2019 4:00pm Rachael Roettenbacher, Yale University Gizis