Seminars are held throughout the week. Unlike weekly Colloquium aimed at general audience, they are intended to provide a setting for more technical communication between scientists in specialized research areas. Upcoming Seminars in all fields of research at DPA are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
An Emergent Approach to Quantum Dynamics 25 Sep 2017 2:00pm Deepak Iyer, Ph.D. Bucknell University Lyman
Massive Star Winds Interacting with Magnetic Fields in Various Scales 26 Sep 2017 4:00pm Alexandre David-Uraz, University of Delaware Gizis
Dynamos in K-M Dwarfs 3 Oct 2017 4:00pm Professor Dermott Mullan, University of Delaware Gizis
Classical Mechanics of Magnetic Solitons 3 Oct 2017 2:30pm Professor Oleg Tchernyshyov, John Hopkins University Chui
Vernon Memorial Lecture 3 Oct 2017 Dr. Jane Rigby, Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Judi Provencal
JJ Hermes 5 Oct 2017 4:00pm JJ Hermes Judi Provencal
Elisabetta Cavazutti 10 Oct 2017 4:00pm Elisabetta Cavazutti, NASA Goddard and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Holder
Jacek Klos, Ph.D. 30 Oct 2017 2:00pm Jacek Klos, Ph.D. University of Maryland Lyman
Jaroslaw Majewski, BIO/MCB Molecular and Cellular Biosciences National Foundation 13 Nov 2017 2:00pm Jaroslaw Majewski, Program Director, Molecular Biophysics Cluster Lyman
Andrew Millis 28 Nov 2017 2:30pm Andrew Millis Tat Chui
Eileen Meyer 12 Dec 2017 4:00pm Eileen Meyer, UMBC Holder