Seminars are held throughout the week. Unlike weekly Colloquium aimed at general audience, they are intended to provide a setting for more technical communication between scientists in specialized research areas. Upcoming Seminars in all fields of research at DPA are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
Lattice Effects and the Metal-Insulator Transition: Ca2RuO4 and Beyond 28 Nov 2017 2:30pm A.J. Millis, Dept. of Physics, Columbia University and Center for Computational Quantum Physics, The Flatiron Institute Chui
All the cool things about mirror fermions: From seesaw at the LHC with non-sterile electroweak-scale right-handed neutrinos to to axionless strong CP and all the way to structure of space-time at the Planck scale. 28 Nov 2017 1:30pm P.Q. Hung, University of Virginia Shafi
Heavy-quark hadroproduction and prompt neutrino fluxes 7 Dec 2017 2:30pm Maria Vittoria Garzelli, University of Delaware Gaisser
Eileen Meyer 12 Dec 2017 4:00pm Eileen Meyer, UMBC Holder