Astronomy & Space Physics Seminar

Tuesdays at 4PM

Committee: Stanley Owocki (Chair), John Gizis, Dermott Mullan, Michael Shay, Sally Dodson-Robinson
Upcoming Astronomy & Space Physics Seminars are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
Massive Star Winds Interacting with Magnetic Fields in Various Scales 26 Sep 2017 4:00pm Alexandre David-Uraz, University of Delaware Gizis
Dynamos in K-M Dwarfs 3 Oct 2017 4:00pm Professor Dermott Mullan, University of Delaware Gizis
Vernon Memorial Lecture 3 Oct 2017 Dr. Jane Rigby, Astrophysicist, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Judi Provencal
JJ Hermes 5 Oct 2017 4:00pm JJ Hermes Judi Provencal
Elisabetta Cavazutti 10 Oct 2017 4:00pm Elisabetta Cavazutti, NASA Goddard and Agenzia Spaziale Italiana Holder
Eileen Meyer 12 Dec 2017 4:00pm Eileen Meyer, UMBC Holder