Astronomy & Space Physics Seminar

Tuesdays at 4PM

Committee: Stanley Owocki (Chair), John Gizis, Dermott Mullan, Michael Shay, Sally Dodson-Robinson
Upcoming Astronomy & Space Physics Seminars are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
Measuring Mass of Microlensing Exoplanets with High Resolution Follow- Up 3 Apr 2018 4:00pm Dr. Aparna Bhattacharya, University of Maryland College Park Dodson-Robinson
Ruth Angus 17 Apr 2018 4:00pm Ruth Angus, Postdoctoral Fellow, Columbia University Gizis
John Bochanski 24 Apr 2018 4:00pm Professor John Bochanski, Rider University Gizis
Detecting Rocky Exoplanets with Precise Radial Velocities 1 May 2018 4:00pm Dr. Sharon Xuesong Wang; Department of Terrestrial Magnetism Carnegie Institution of Washington Gizis