Astronomy & Space Physics Seminar

Tuesdays at 4PM

Committee: Stanley Owocki (Chair), John Gizis, Dermott Mullan, Michael Shay
Upcoming Astronomy & Space Physics Seminars are shown below. For past events check Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
The massive runaway star population of the Large Magellanic Cloud starburst cluster 30 Doradus 22 Apr 2014 4:00PM Hugues Sana, Space Telescope Science Institute Owocki
Astronomy and space physics seminar - TBA 29 Apr 2014 4:00PM TBA
Stefano Meschiari 6 May 2014 4:00PM Stefano Meschiari. University of Texas at Austin Dodson-Robinson
An astronomical time machine: light echoes from historic supernovae and stellar eruptions (to be rescheduled) 13 May 2014 4:00PM Armin Rest, Space Telescope Science Institute Owocki