Condensed Matter & Nanophysics

Committee: M. Benjamin Jungfleisch (Chair), Tat Chui and Branislav K. Nikolic
Upcoming Condensed Matter & Nanophysics Seminars are shown below. Seminars start at 2:00PM for 2018. For past events check  Seminars Calendar.

Title Date Time Speaker Host
Spin-wave transport in 2D 19 Nov 2018 2:00pm Dr. Thomas Sebastian, CEO THATec Innovation Jungfleisch
Magnetic Switching with Topological Insulator and Compensated Ferrimagnet 20 Nov 2018 2:00pm Dr. Luqiao Liu, MIT Xiao
Swati Singh 4 Dec 2018 2:00pm Dr. Swati Singh, University of Delaware Jungfleisch
Status of the search for Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanowires 26 Feb 2019 2:00pm Sergey Frolov Nikolic