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Living in Newark

At the base of the Pennsylvania and Maryland foothills, Scots-Irish and Welsh settlers began, in the early 1700's, to build a small community. The crossroads of the village center, named Newark, followed the routes of old Indian and fur-trader's paths and served as the road to market for farmers. In 1758, Newark received a charter from the King of England, and the City was officially established.

Unlike other Delaware communities, Newark's history was significantly shaped by the growth of a school. In 1765, a grammar school moved here from New London, PA, and was renamed the Newark Academy. In 1833, the State granted a charter to a new school, called Newark College. The next year, the two schools joined together and soon assumed the name Delaware College, becoming the University of Delaware in 1921. Today, Newark's population is about 28,900, including almost 7,200 University students living on-campus.
Housing options for graduate students:

On-campus social activities:

On-campus art and culture:

Distances to major East Coast metropolitan areas:

  • Newark - Philadelphia 44 miles
  • Newark - Baltimore 58 miles
  • Newark - Washington DC 96 miles
  • Newark - New York City 133 miles