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Professional Development

The Certificate in Computational Science and Engineering (CCSE)

CCSE is a an exciting opportunity to develop your computational skills as part of a degree program or part time if you already have a career going. The program is interdisciplinary: Two colleges (Arts and Science, and Engineering) and seven departments are cooperating to bring this program into existence:

  • Computer and Information Sciences,
  • Mathematical Sciences,
  • Physics and Astronomy,
  • Chemical Engineering,
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering,
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering,
  • Mechanical Engineering.

Students earn the Certificate by taking 15 credits from three different departments, more details can be found in Program Details.

Higher Education Teaching Certification Program

The Higher Education Teaching Certification program approaches teaching as scholarly work and it intends to supplement, advance, and extend existing university-wide and departmental graduate teaching assistant (TA) training efforts. It is designed primarily to enhance the teaching effectiveness of TAs while at the University of Delaware and to provide a systematic preparation for all aspects of academic careers. Teaching certification is awarded upon completion of all program aspects and it is included in the participant's official transcript. Participants need to have at least one semester of teaching experience  (i.e., classroom instruction, studio teaching, discussion session facilitation, or laboratory instruction) prior to starting the program, and include in their application a  statement of support from a faculty member in the discipline. Interested graduate students apply for admission directly to the Center for Teaching Effectiveness. There is no tuition charge for the program.

More details can be found at HETC Program Website.