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Clausell Mathis, University of Washington
Dr. Clausell Mathis will describe research he has done on strategies and methods that physics teachers can use to achieve equitable based instruction through cultural relevance. Clausell will describe research he has done with secondary physics teachers who attempt to incorporate culturally relevant pedagogy features in their classrooms. Findings show that teachers showed the strongest indicators of culturally relevant pedagogy willingness to address sensitive topics, consistent encouragement of students toward academic excellence, and the ability to adapt the curriculum to students' strengths. Findings from Dr. Mathis's research give implications for physics teachers who wish to become more equitable in their instruction. He will also discuss the challenges and affordances that may occur when making pedagogical changes that support culturally relevant instruction. Dr. Mathis is currently a postdoctoral scholar at the University of Washington-Seattle. His research focuses on how physics teachers develop equitable based practices in the teaching of energy ideas. Additionally, Dr. Mathis is currently studying how resource-oriented instruction changes students' mechanistic reasoning when solving physics problems.