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Physics Library

The Physics Library is a branch library of the UD Library System serving the faculty, staff and students enrolled in courses in general science. It is located at 221 Sharp Lab at the University of Delaware. It provides a specialized collection of several thousand books, reference materials, and electronic media in the areas of science, physics, math, and related fields. The Physics Library also provides reference and electronic access to course materials and homework solutions for physics and science courses at UD. Seating is available for 34 users, including a 6 station computer workspace with programs needed in physics courses and related subject areas. Wireless LAN and AC outlet are available for laptop connections in the room.
Hours of Operation:

  • Fall and Spring Semester: Mon.–Thur. 8am-9pm | Fri. 8am-5pm | Sat. and Sun. 1pm - 5pm
  • Special Sessions:   Mon.–Fri. 8am-5pm | Sat. and Sun. Closed

Electronic Reserves:
Submit instructor-owned materials only to the branch library assistant, i.e. course syllabus, lecture notes, problem sets/solutions, and sample exams. See the library reserve policy for details.
Books may be checked out at the physics library. You may access your list of materials electronically at Books I have Checked Out. A book may be recalled electronically when Delcat indicates it is checked out to another user.
Requests for Purchase:
Send recommendations for new books and electronic media to Susan Borst or William Simpson by email, or the online form Recommendation for Library Purchase.
Quiet Zone:
The library is a Quiet Study Zone. Though that cheeseburger and soda may smell and sound like heaven to you, it probably doesn't to the person sitting next to you. After that big meal you might be tempted to take some ZZZ's.  So, to provide the best study environment for everyone, the following items are banned in the library at all times: CELL PHONES, FOOD AND DRINK (bottled water is permitted), SLEEPING.