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Electron Microscopy: JEOL JSM 6330F Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopearigatou.jpg

This is a ultra-high vacuum scanning electron microscope with cold field emission electron source enabling high resolution imaging. Fitted with IXRF Systems secondary electron detector and solid state backscattered detector for elemental analysis and mapping. Images stored digitally.

User training is available for this microscope or samples can be submitted to a dedicated technician for imaging and data collection.

Rates: $22.72/hr (UD)


Atomic Force Microscopy: NT-MDT Ntegra Prima Scanning Probe Microscope

This SPM device is capable of performing several measurement modes for analyzing physical properties of surfaces with high precision and resolution. The microscope is ideal for investigating small samples and has a scanning range up to 100x100x10 µm, in air only.
Available modes: Contact and Intermittent topography, Magnetic Force Microscopy, Electrostatic Force Microscopy, Scanning Capacitance Microscopy, Kelvin Probe Microscopy, Spreading Resistance Imaging, Lithography

No user training is provided at this time, but samples can be submitted to a dedicated technician for imaging and data collection. Purchasing new tips is recommeded.

Rates: TBD





X-Ray Diffraction: The Rigaku IV X-ray Diffractometer

A high precision powder X-ray diffractometer with horizontal sample mount. Users can use the system as a dedicated focusing-beam system for general powder and bulk samples or switch between the Crossbeam optics for multi-layer film parallel beam, small angle scattering, micro-focus, thin film high resolution, and in-plane X-ray optics. The tool uses a stepping motor with minimum step angles of 1/10000 degrees control.

User training is available for this instrument, but X-Ray safety training is required before users are allowed to operate.

Rates: $2.31/hr (UD)





Physical Property Measurement System

Quantum Design’s Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) can perform magnetic and electro-transport measurements in sample environments having 9T fields and temperatures ranging from 2 to 340K. This PPMS is configured with the following measurements options: DC extraction magnetization, AC susceptibility, torque magnetometry, and DC/AC resisistivity. A horizontal rotator is also available to perform angular studies of a sample’s magnetoresistance. A variety of platforms are available for mounting samples. Additional information and specifications can be found on the vendor’s webpage:

Limited user training is available for this instrument, a dedicated operator is assigned to handle hardware set-up, sample loading/unloading, and measurements.

Rates: $10.97hr Internal Users (UD), $17.11 External Users (Non UD)





VersaLab: Vibrating Sample Magnetometer

The Quantum Design VersaLab is a cryogen-free, cryocooler-based material characterization platform. It executes DC magnetization measurements with a temperature range of 50–400K, and 3 tesla field strength.  

User training is available for this instrument.

Rates: $3.96/hr (UD)