Room Reservation

Instructions on how to use electronic room reservation form:

  1. Open this Website (e.g., you can open it in a new tab of your favorite browser so that you can keep this page open concurrently).
  2. Click on the image below and follow the three visual steps explained there. Before reserving a space, check if it is available by clicking the room calendar using the navigation panel on the left.
  3. After saving your reservation, you can also check if it is displayed correctly by clicking on the calendar for one of the three rooms using the navigation panel on the left.
  4. Note that username and password required for step 1. can be obtained only in person from the main DPA office in 217 Sharp Lab.


How to reserve one of the three Sharp Lab meeting rooms electronically.

Three rooms are available for reservation for seminars and meetings in the Sharp Lab:

  • 215 Sharp Lab is designed for seminars; it has a built in projector and electronic whiteboard.
  • 251 Sharp Lab is for round table meetings; it has a projector and chalkboard.
  • A. J. Cannon Conference Room is for small meetings; it has a built in projector and a whiteboard. To enter the room, go to the Physics Library (221 Sharp Lab) and walk through the door on the right wall of the Library.