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In Memoriam: Robert Hill

UD professor emeritus of physics and astronomy

UFOs to UAPs

UD physicist Federica Bianco brings data analysis expertise to NASA panel

Aiming High on Plasma Research

UD’s Bennett Maruca helps student teams prep experiments for NASA rocket launches
UD physicist Frank Schroeder shovels a trench for cables leading to a radio antenna he deployed at the South Pole.

​Data From the Cosmos​

In summer 2021, data gathered by the the world’s largest observatory, IceCube, provided a group of 16 undergraduate and graduate students from UD and five other institutions with the opportunity to contribute to research on neutrinos, high-energy subatomic particles that speed through space. The students, most on the UD campus and a few working remotely, used supercomputers to analyze data from IceCube as they developed their own research and computer skills.​

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