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Dermott Mullan
Professor & Director
Contact Info
203 Sharp Lab
(302) 831-2170

Notable Publications
Mullan, D. J. and MacDonald, J., "Are Magnetically Active Low-Mass M Dwarfs Completely Convective?", ApJ 559, 353 (2001).
Mullan, D. J., "Corotating interaction regions in stellar winds", ApJ 283, 303 (1984).
Stencel, R. E. and Mullan, D. J., "Detection of mass loss in stellar chromospheres", ApJ 228, 231 (1980).
Cram, L. E. and Mullan, D. J., "Model chromospheres of flare stars. I - Balmer-line profiles", ApJ 234, 579 (1979).
Mullan, D. J., "Starspots on flare stars", ApJ 192, 149 (1974).