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John Gizis
Contact Info
236 Sharp Lab
(302) 831-2668

Research Projects
Search for Nearby Brown Dwarfs
Young Brown Dwarf Planetary Systems
Magnetic Activity in Very-Low-Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs
Calibration of Spitzer Space Telescope

Current Research

Notable Publications
J. E. Gizis, et al. "WISEP J004701.06+680352.1: An Intermediate Surface Gravity, Dusty Brown Dwarf in the AB Dor Moving Group." Astrophys. J. 799, 223, (2015).
J. E. Gizis, et al. "Kepler Monitoring of an L Dwarf I. The Photometric Period and White Light Flares." Astrophys. J. 779, 172 (2013).
B. Riaz and J. E. Gizis, "New brown dwarf disks in the TW Hydrae association", Astrophys. J. 681, 1584 (2008).
J. E. Gizis, H. L. Shipman, and J. A. Harvin, "First ultraviolet spectrum of a brown dwarf: Evidence for H_2 Fluorescence and Accretion", Astrophys. J. 630, L89 (2005).
J. E. Gizis, "Brown dwarfs and the TW Hydrae association", Astrophys. J. 575, 484 (2002).
J. E. Gizis, D.G. Monet, I.N. Reid, J. D. Kirkpatrick, J. Liebert, and R. J. Williams, "New neighbors from 2MASS: Activity and kinematics at the bottom of the main sequence", Astrophys. J. 120, 1085 (2000).
J. E. Gizis, "M-Subdwarfs: Spectroscopic classification and the metallicity scale", Astrophys. J. 113, 806 (1997).