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Mark Ku
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
(302) 831-2661

Current Research

Research interests:

  • condensed matter physics/material science
  • quantum science and engineering

Notable Publications
M.J.H. Ku*, T.X. Zhou*, Q. Li, Y.J. Shin, J.K. Shi, C. Burch, H. Zhang, F. Casola, T. Taniguchi, K. Watanabe, P. Kim, A. Yacoby, and R.L. Walsworth, "Imaging Viscous Flow of the Dirac Fluid in Graphene", Nature 583, 537(2020).
H. Zhang*, M.J.H. Ku*, F. Casola, C.H. Du, T. van der Sar, M.C. Onbasli, C.A. Ross, Y. Tserkovnyak, A. Yacoby, and R.L. Walsworth, "Spin-Torque Oscillation in a Magnetic Insulator Probed by a Single-Spin Sensor", Phys. Rev. B 102, 024404 (2020).