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Sarah Dodson-Robinson
Associate Professor
Contact Info
207 Sharp Lab
(302) 831-2240

Notable Publications
R. Landry, S. E. Dodson-Robinson, N. J. Turner, and G. Abram, "Protostellar Disk Evolution over Million-year Timescales with a Prescription for Magnetized Turbulence", Astrophysical Journal 771, 80 (2013)
S. E. Dodson-Robinson and C. Salyk, "Transitional Disks as Signposts of Young, Multiplanet Systems", Astrophysical Journal 738, 131 (2011)
E. Brugamyer, S. E. Dodson-Robinson, W. D. Cochran, and C. Sneden, " Silicon and Oxygen Abundances in Planet-host Stars", Astrophysical Journal 738, 97 (2011)
S. E. Dodson-Robinson, D. Veras, E. B. Ford, and C. A. Beichman, "The Formation Mechanism of Gas Giants on Wide Orbits", Astrophysical Journal 707, 77 (2009)
S. E. Dodson-Robinson, K. Willacy, P. Bodenheimer, N. J. Turner, and C. A. Beichman, "Ice Lines, Planetesimal Composition and Solid Surface Density in the Solar Nebula", Icarus 200, 672 (2009)