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February 16, 2012 - The Executive Director of the Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit Trust, Prof. George Hadjipanayis and the Vice Chairperson of the Award Committee, Dr. David Renné, invite nominations for the 2013 award. The bronze medal and $50,000 cash will be awarded to an individual who has made significant pioneering contributions to the promotion of solar energy as an alternate source of energy through research, development, or economic enterprise, or to an individual who has made extraordinarily valuable and enduring contributions to the field of solar energy in other ways. The selection committee is composed of representatives from the following groups: International Solar Energy Society, American Solar Energy Society, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Physical Society, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, a representative of the Böer family, and the Executive Director of the trust. Applications are due September 11, 2012.


2011, Richard M. Swanson
For his innovation in the field of photovoltaics and for his tenure as president of SunPower Corporation.

2009, Hermann Scheer
For his long-lasting and worldwide commitment to the dissemination of solar energy.

2007, Lawrence Kazmerski
For his leadership in the field of solar electricity from its infancy

2005, Yoshihiro Hamakawa
For his significant pioneering contributions to the development of high-efficiency thin-film solar cells and the advancement of solar photovoltaic science and technology as a clean energy source.

2003, Martin A. Green
For his innovative research efforts in the development of high performance crystalline silicon solar cell technology.

2001, Allen M. Barnett
For his pioneering high-performance, thin-crystalline silicon solar cells, and outstanding continuing service to the solar electric power community.

1999, Stanford R. Ovshinsky
For pioneering the science of amorphous semiconductors resulting in the development of low-cost thin-film silicon solar cells.

1997, Adolf Goetzberger
For his leadership in the international solar energy community, his research accomplishments and for founding the eminent Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems.

1995, David E. Carlson
For the discovery and commercial development of thin film amorphous silicon cells for converting sunlight to electrical energy.

1993, President Jimmy Carter
The one individual who, more than anyone else, spurred development and focused world attention on the relatively unknown technology for safe and environmentally sound energy production from the sun.

Nomination Form

Please send the nomination form, supplemental sheets and ten copies of supporting letters and documents to: George Hadjipanayis, Executive Director, Karl W. Böer Solar Energy Medal of Merit Trust, Physics and Astronomy, 217 Sharp Lab, 104 The Green, University of Delaware, Newark, DE 19716. Applications must be received by September 11, 2012. No nominations for the 2013 medal will be considered after that date. For further information, call (302) 831-3361.