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UD physics alumni Dr. James Dalessio and Dr. John Meyer organize flash mob to promote their new app Called Upgoat

Nov. 6, 2014 - Last week a group of 50 dancers surprised University of Delaware students on The Green with a seemingly spontaneous performance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller in full zombie regalia. Hundreds students and other members of the UD community stopped to watch the zombies perform Jackson’s famous dance. Michael Shay, professor of physics and astronomy, was on The Green at the time of the flash mob. “It was very creative,” said Shay. “It was entertaining to watch all those people dancing to a song from my high school days. Everybody who was a teenager in the ’80s knows that dance. It seemed to surprise many of the students,” Shay continued. “They seemed to really enjoy it.” UD alumni James Dalessio and John Meyer organized and participated in the flash mob to promote the launch of their newly created app, Upgoat. The app, which Meyer calls “an Apples to Apples game for your community,” provides a caption each day. Users then upload a photo in the hopes that theirs will be voted the funniest companion to the caption. Players compete on social, local and global levels for “G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time)” prizes.