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Dr. Francesco Pucci, University of Calabria
Turbulence and reconnection are two phenomena that go hand in hand in astrophysical plasmas. On the one hand, magnetic reconnection is part of the turbulent cascade dynamics, being triggered at the interface of two different magnetic islands. On the other hand, the magnetic reconnection process ejects plasma jets that trigger turbulence in the reconnection exhausts. This talk will be devoted to this second aspect of the relationship between turbulence and reconnection. Two numerical studies are presented. In the first one the properties of turbulence in reconnection outflows are investigated in the case of open boundaries in the outflow direction, which allows to study how turbulence is triggered in two non mutually interacting outflows. In the second one, periodic boundary conditions are considered in the direction of the outflows and the generation of turbulence by the collision of reconnection jets is addressed. These numerical studies are conducted with a semi implicit full kinetic particle in cell code that allows system size of a few tens of ion inertial length and resolution of the electron inertial length in three dimensions. The numerical results are compared to observations and used to interpret measurements made by Cluster and MMS in the Earth's magnetosphere.