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Dr. Woowon Kang, University of Chicago
In two spatial dimensions quantum mechanical particles are not limited to being bosons or fermions but can become particles known as anyons. There is a strong theoretical support for the elementary excitations of the fractional quantum Hall effect (FQHE) being anyons. Anyons are said to come in two major flavors: Abelian and non-Abelian. The enigmatic evendenominator FQHE state at filling of n = 5/2 is perhaps the most likely candidate for non- Abelian statistics. However, detection of the postulated non-Abelian anyons in the FQHE is a long sought after goal that is known to be quite difficult. In this talk I will present our recent findings on quantum interference experiments in the FQHE regime in which the statistical angle of anyonic braiding processes can be measured. At n = 5/2 filling we observe unambiguous anyonic phase jumps of p/4 and p, which respectively are the statistical angles for the e/4 quasiparticles excitations and the Majorana zero mode of the 5/2 FQHE state. Our interferometry results provide a strong support for a non-Abelian ground state at the 5/2 filling.