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Event Date and Time
Gore 104
Ying Wang
The emergent quantum materials such as 2D Van der Waals materials and topological materials, exhibit many unconventional properties like reduced dielectric screening, divergent quantum geometry and nontrivial topology. The structural phase engineering or transformation of the atomic building blocks in these quantum platforms promises to deepen our understanding of their unique structure-property relationship, breed novel computational device concepts and revolutionize technologies in data storage and thermal management. In this talk, I will introduce our seminal experimental discovery of electrostatic doping control as a new mechanism for structural phase engineering in quantum materials. I will further show how we utilize such technology on quantum materials to develop novel electronic and optoelectronic devices such as non-volatile Berry curvature memory and giant-efficiency nonlinear optical modulator. In the final part, I will highlight how current works suggest ample exciting possibilities for neuromorphic/quantum computing and energy management.