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Grants at the University



Graduate students must travel nationally or internationally to conduct investigations in renowned collections, to study cultures, to collect scientific data, to carry out field research, to participate in public service endeavors through internships, to perform in popular festivals, and to create meaningful art. Global exposure enriches cultural knowledge and diversity, inspires creativity, fosters global partnerships, and enhances the students’ scholarship, impact, and marketability.

This competitive grant program will provide funding of up to $5,000 to advanced graduate students at the doctoral and master’s level campus wide to support research travel during the summer of 2011 through winter session 2012 that will significantly enhance scholarship opportunities and/or provide interesting and important venues for creative work and internship experiences. It is fully anticipated, that successful recipients will use these internal grants to bolster future opportunities to secure external funding for research travel, via the Fulbright program and other potential resources. In addition, recipients must be firmly committed to public engagement and outreach, as they will become central promoters of this summer program and the value of international study in the future. Note that research travel within the United States will be considered.

These trips may vary in length and cost depending upon the proposed program of study and type of scholarly/creative activity. Funding may cover transportation, housing, reasonable food expenses, departure taxes, visa and entrance fees, and other incidentals. Applicants are not eligible for multiple awards. Some awards may be granted on a contingency basis, as deadlines for a student’s notice of acceptance into summer theatrical and musical festivals, for example, tend to be offered later in the spring. Funding will not be awarded to candidates who will have completed their degree work prior to research travel. Funds can not be used to support conference travel and participation alone.

The program is administered by the Office of Graduate and Professional Education in collaboration with the Center for International Studies and all seven Colleges at the University of Delaware. 

Note: Applicants for this grant program must be full-time students.

Proposals should include the following:

  1. Cover page listing your department, degree status, contact information, and a one-sentence summary of your proposal including the country/countries of travel.
  2. One-paragraph abstract that clearly summarizes the need and merit of the proposal.
  3. A 1,200 word project description and rationale. Clearly articulate how this international experience will strengthen the proposed research, why this research or other activity is significant and needed, and how the timeframe proposed is appropriate for the project goals. Address how this funding may be used to bolster opportunities for future international research travel grants or experiences. Where needed ensure that  all human subjects research protocols are followed and that  IRB permission has or will be secured.
  4. One-page resume.
  5. Detailed, reasonable, and clear budget with references for all cost quotes accurately documented. Note: All budgets should include $15/week for health insurance. Departments/programs are encouraged to provide some level of match funding. This should be documented in the budget description. Funding from other sources, including personal, should be documented.
  6. Recommendation from the applicant’s faculty advisor or department/program chair or director attesting to the applicant’s progress in their major area of study and suitability for this travel award.