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Students may enter the Ph.D. program after successfully completing an M.S. degree program, at the University of Delaware or elsewhere, or may be admitted directly to the Ph.D. program directly after a Bachelors degree. To obtain a Ph.D., students will normally follow the course intensive regular track. Students entering the program with an M.S. degree in Physics or Astronomy that are particularly well prepared may choose to follow the less coursework intensive fast track.

In addition to fulfilling the course requirements, Ph.D. students must:

  • pass the Ph.D. Candidacy exam, which has two oral components,
  • upon successful completion of a research program, write a Ph.D. dissertation thesis showing originality of thought and scholarship.

The dissertation is defended in an oral examination administered by the student's dissertation committee.

Full details of the requirements and regulations for the Ph.D. degree can be found in the Handbook for Graduate Studies in Physics.