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Undergraduate Research Program

The University of Delaware believes that exceptionally capable and well-motivated students should be given a chance, while they are still beginners, to see and have a part in what is happening at the frontiers of knowledge and creative work today.
Why get involved in undergraduate research?
The URP helps to foster faculty-student collaboration at the university. Students have the opportunity to share in a professional researcher's work, to learn how he or she formulates a significant question, evolves a procedure to investigate it, obtains research funding and other resources, gathers and examines evidence, follows hunches, detects loopholes, and evaluates and shares results with the scientific, scholarly, or artistic community.

By participating in research, students have the chance to learn how their chosen field of study is currently progressing, or even about how related fields of study are influencing that progress. Research is also a large part of continuing education, so if students are thinking about applying to graduate school, having already participated in research is a great first step, not to mention a resume booster!
Who can participate?
The Undergraduate Research Program is open to all interested undergraduates. Undergraduate researchers are typically sophomores, juniors and seniors, although some first-year students become involved as well. Some students are looking to further explore a field or specialty on which they want to focus their courses and careers; others are already making their own original contributions to their chosen fields.
What programs do we offer?
The Undergraduate Research Office offers a wide variety of research opportunities for UD students. The particular program that students decide to participate in depends on their year in school, research interests, what time of year they want to begin doing research, and how much time they want to spend on their research. There are opportunities available for every undergraduate, from the first-year student who wants to simply begin volunteering, to the highly-motivated senior who wants to pursue research in order to complete a thesis. There are even research opportunities outside of the university, both across the US and abroad.

Below is a listing of pages (also found under the Research Opportunities menu on our homepage), which delve further into our different programs. The programs are divided mostly depending on when and where you hope to participate in research:

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