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Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays reviewed by Prof. Stanev

 September 12, 2011 - The latest issue of Reviews of Modern Physics (RMP) features an article by Prof. Stanev on Ultrahigh energy cosmic rays. An illustration from the article also appears on the front cover of RMP.

In the article, Prof. Stanev and a collaborator from France reviewed the most resent results from the investigation of the ultrahigh energy cosmic rays, particles of energy exceeding 1018 eV. After a general introduction to the topic and a brief review of the lower energy cosmic rays and the detection methods, the two most recent experiments, the High Resolution Fly’s Eye and the Southern Auger Observatory, are described. Results from these two experiments on the cosmic ray energy spectrum, the chemical composition of these cosmic rays, and searches for their sources are presented. An analysis of the controversies in these results and the projects in development and construction that can help solve the remaining problems with these particles is also presented.  

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