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Set up time
5 minutes
Physics and Science Concepts
Electromagnetic Induction, Eddy Currents
Set up the pole with the right angle clamp and pendulum. Place the permanent magnet so that the copper sheet is in between the two magnet sides. Swing the full copper sheet swing through the magnet. Watch as it damps out quickly. The, flip the pendulum so that the copper comb side is swinging through the magnet. Watch how it swings as if the magnet is not even there.
Stand to the side of the pendulum as it swings, not directly in the path.

A pendulum swings between the poles of a large permanent magnet. The full copper sheet swings a few times then stops in between the magnet. The comb copper sheet is unaffected by the magnetic and swing freely because the gaps in this sheet do not allow significant eddy currents to flow.