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PIRA Code(s)
Set up time
10 minutes
Physics and Science Concepts
Projectile Motion, Gravity, and Mechanics
Set up two ring stands about 8 feet apart. Put the blow gun in the clamp on one stand with the power cords to the inside of the set up. Attach the pole with the magnet to the other ring stand. Place the ball into the blow gun. Switch the power supply on which connects the circuit and then place the monkey (band aid box) on to the magnet, upside down. Make sure the blow gun is aimed directly at the broad side of the monkey. Now, blow into the blow gun to release the ball and break the circuit, thus causing the monkey to fall. The ball should hit the monkey as it falls.
Do not turn power supply on before inserting the ball into the blow gun, due to possible electrocution.

Not all pieces (ring stand, 5 V ½ Amp DC power supply, and clamps) are in the kit, these items need to be acquired.

This experiment illustrates the story of a hunter who tries to shoot a monkey. When he fires the gun, the monkey is scared, lets go of the branch, and begins to fall. The projectile is fired directly at the initial location of the monkey. Because the monkey begins to fall at the same time as the projectile is fired, and due to the independence of the horizontal and vertical components of motion, the projectile falls “with” the monkey and strikes the monkey. Both the monkey and the bullet accelerate downwards at the same rate due to gravity.