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Set up time
3 minutes
Physics and Science Concepts
Mechanics, Rotational Dynamics
Stand on the stool as it remains still. Have someone start the motor and place the bicycle wheel next to it to get it to start spinning. Take the spinning wheel in your hands and turn the wheel in a horizontal position and you should spin. When the wheel is placed vertical again, you will spin the opposite direction.

Use the motor to start the wheel spinning. Hold on to the cord attached to the axle and the wheel will remain vertical.
Do not get items caught in the motor or the spokes of the tire. Hold wheel out from the body as far as possible

When holding a spinning bicycle wheel and standing on a platform with the ability to rotate, you can cause yourself to spin by changing the wheel’s axis of rotation.


While holding a string attached to the axle of the bicycle wheel, the spinning wheel will remain perpendicular to the floor.