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Daicar-Bata awards

Every year the Department recognizes exceptional Ph.D. student accomplishments by awarding two Daicar-Bata Prizes. Each recipient receives $2,500 and a certificate of recognition:

  • Daicar-Bata Prize  for the best research paper in a Physics or Astronomy peer reviewed  journal published during the current academic year,
  • Daicar-Bata Prize for the highest grade point average in Physics and Astronomy courses at the end of the student's 6th semester in the program.

Past recipients and current rules of the competition are posted on the Departmental Awards page.

Theodore Wolf Prize

The Office of Graduate and Professional Education awards the annual Theodore Wolf Prize  in the Physical and Life Sciences (Chemistry, Physics, Biological Sciences, Geology, Marine Studies, Climatology and Agricultural Sciences) for the outstanding Ph.D. dissertation. The award carries a check for $1,000 and a certificate of recognition. 

Teaching awards

The University of Delaware's Department of Physics and Astronomy gave its 2019 Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award to graduate student Abdul Rehman.